One of my All Time Favourite Makeovers from Oct 2017!

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Here's what I did to create our finished look !

I used Malibu C Hard Water Treatment to get the dull, crispy, crunchy coating off my new client's hair and trimmed to even the tips while I had an Olaplex #1 & 2 Treatment in her hair.

Afterwards, I gently cleansed with my i.m. [ curly ] Low Lather Cleanser, safe to use on colour treated hair !

Then I Massively Hydrated with i.m [ curly ] Moisturizer by squishing in tons of water with a small amount of Moisturizer. The secret is Water ! Use as small amount of Moisturizer as possible with the maximum amount of water, squishing into the hair and it should sound like a foot in a wet boot !

Styled with a pea size of my i.m. [ curly ]  Creamy Styler  just on the very tips of her hair, then applied all over in small sections working from roots to tips, Devacurl Ultra Gel, rescrunched the curls back in and diffused, supporting the curl and aiming the flow of air downwards.

Ta Da !

A brand new texture..what a way to start getting back to a healthy Mane !

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