Why Hair Colour is Your Biggest Cosmetic Enhancement!

Posted by Mary MacDonald on

Blow your mind time !
Hair colour is the biggest cosmetic colouring that affects your skin tone!
If you think about it;
It surrounds our face and takes up more actual space of colour than makeup and reflects that back onto our skin.
Did you know that as time goes on, we lose the warm tones in our natural colour and may get white mixed in as well ?
Our natural natural base colour eventually becomes what people call 'mousey' which really means we just have less warmth, but not necessarily 'white', although we can have both.
Even if your skin tones crave cool colours, there IS a point where the colour becomes waaaaaay too ashy and you still need a bit of warmth to restore the delicate balance of cool/warm for your skin.
Re-Introducing a bit of depth and warmth back into your base with a Demi-Permanent colour will Mane-tain the natural lighter and darker contrasts that make it so natural looking.
Basically it makes You...well, You again!
A great Natural looking colour does NOT require you to pile on makeup to adjust to the change..it's the opposite.
Something to ponder 🙂
May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'smarthair SOCIETY COOL TONES BEFORE WARM CARAMEL SHIMMER!'

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