Today is the BIG DAY that we've all been waiting for !
Toronto was on lockdown until the end of June 2021.
We've been diligently working on our clients, doing Live Education
for Olaplex, having our chemists working on new product samples,
and doing all of the behind-the-scenes things to get ready!
Thank you to each and every person who has supported us through the pandemic. So many local folks came in to purchase our products to
help keep us local small business alive. Words of encouragement,
phone calls, messages and yes, even cards!
Our dreams of helping people with Curly Hair are continuing
because of all of You.
Thank you from my heart XOXO
A special Thank you to my Mentor, David Brier,
who has taught me just about everything I need
to know about branding, business and beyond!
Gabriel is my Quebec Angel who also continues
to help us move forward in so many ways.
And Heather, who puts up with me in the salon
Every. Single. Day.