i.m. curly UnGel 12 oz Curl Liberator

Do conventional ‘Curly Routines’ fail you?
It could be that conventional styling products are not tailored to YOU!
UnGel: A tsunami of hydration with medium hold, weightless with a clean finish!
*encourages curl with hydration, not a crusty, dusty cast
My IM Curly UnGel is medium hold for small to big curls that
• don’t really need gel or any styling products to form your curls
•hate the feel of styling products but need something to prevent frizz
•great to soften coarse, rough hair
•need a bit less hydration and more hold than a curl cream
Four Mane reasons why I created my IM Curly UnGel for you !❤️
1) Yes, you CAN touch your curls while drying ! You can have a big, soft, fluffy frizz-free finish !
2) Saves you time in drying because it doesn’t keep your hair soaking wet like gels
3) No crusty, crunchy gel, cast that you have to keep squeezing and squeezing to make it look like natural curls and not wet curling iron curls
4) Doesn’t bulk out your hair; If your curls are thick enough, thank you, and you also have very coarse, rough hair, I got you! 
From a day-two ( my clients’ favourite ) lived-in natural look to Beautiful Boho ,finishing options are endless when you are finally able to play with your curls! 
My IM Curly UnGel was four years in development because I wanted to address each and every pain point that I’ve been hearing over the past 42 years from all of my Curly clients.
And guess what?
You can use this in conjunction with other styling products.
*you can still use a gel or hairspray over top but use a lot less than you normally would
*for long hair with dry ends, you can use my i.m. Curly Hydrating Styler underneath on your dry ends