Consumer Importance of Removing Build-up !

Buildup can make your hair feel very smooth while it's hiding the fact that your hair is becoming very brittle underneath the goo.

Build-up can be from :

  • waxes, oils, fillers, binders
  • the environment
  • pollution
  • shampoo
  • improper no lather cleanser use
  • 'co-washing'
  • conditioners, creams
  • hard, too soft, well water !

Before you start using any new product it's important to make sure you get all of the buildup out of your hair.

Without doing this the new product will also build up as layers of goo have already formed on the hair and will grab anything put on it.

Build up also
  • locks out moisture from the hair
  • causes severe dehydration
  • curls can be very weighed down / loss of curl    

If you've used a Professional build-up remover or Professional high lather product once or twice you may think that particular product has really dried your hair out.

Not so.

It’s just removed the goo and shown you how dehydrated your hair really is!

Pro products as recommended by a stylist who understand hair chemistry will never damage your hair like that after a couple of uses.

Buildup from oils, waxes, butters, fillers etc., can make your hair feel silky soft on the outside because it fills in all of the rough areas in your cuticle while locking water out !