Did you know there is no such thing as 'Over Proteinization'?


When the outside of the hair (cuticle) has damage, it has potholes in the cuticle or in bad cases, some or all of the cuticle is missing. Protein in hair products sit on the outside of hair, filling in the potholes and the excess washes away.

How did this theory come to be?

In the old days, proteins were made from animal sources and you could get specific treatments at the salon that we could customize, mixing with moisture for very damaged hair. If you were using quite a bit of protein and less moisture, the hair could feel crunchy. However, because protein washes off, this is not a permanent state. 

For many years now, the protein in our products are plant-based, and the excess washes off your hair.

Every time you damage your hair, you lose protein.

With this loss of protection to the inside of the hair, you also lose moisture and over the long run, pigment, or colour. You can have very light ends even if you never go in the sun or colour your hair. It signifies a loss of protein and moisture.

This is why my products do contain a balance amount of protein and moisture for your long-term haircare!

If you are having problems with your curls, you may have a number of things affecting them such as damage (see chart on my website here for types of damage) your water quality, buildup from oils, waxes, using homemade hair concoctions, pollution, hair can be too long or too short to maximize your type of curl, dehydration and many other factors. 

Everything you do over the long term to you hair affects the hydration, elasticity and protein in your hair.




The job of a styling or finishing product is to help hold your curls together.

Without a finishing product your curls will separate after they are dry and turn into frizz.

Frizz does not mean you have dry hair or that you are less than human, it means your curls have separated.

That’s ALL!

Another job can be to help add a little bit of moisture and to make your hair feel smoother by coating it.

Originally, my creamy, hydrating Styler was a deep conditioner but then I found a lot of my clients with very coarse, curly or dry hair were using it as a styling product by itself or in combination with a gel as a finishing product.

My lightbulb lit up and I asked my chemist to add a little bit of hold to get the best of both worlds!

So… if you need more moisture, light hold with a soft feeling finish, my Styler is the best choice for you.

If you need more hold, you can first apply Styler and add a gel over top.


You control the amount of products and the amount of hold every time you wash your hair.It's all up to you and how you feel.

There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’!

Now that’s Customization!



Length (which is weight) can actually pull the curls way down, as well as build-up (more weight) from:

Build-up can be from:

  • waxes, oils, fillers, binders
  • the environment
  • pollution
  • shampoo
  • improper no lather cleanser use
  • 'co-washing'
  • conditioners, creams
  • piling on products/conditioners between cleansing
  • non-water soluble silicones
  • hard, too soft, well water!

    When your hair has been long over an extended period of time, the curls get weighed down, pulled out and have a lot less elasticity especially if you have been wearing your hair up in ponytails or pulling it back on a regular basis; even wearing it up at night to keep from eating it while you sleep.

    Some of my clients think they've lost their curls but..Nope!


    • cutting my client’s length off that’s dragging her curls down and leaving the layers on top a bit longer kickstarts her makeover!
    • removing all build-up from the hair, including what’s in our water.
    • using Olaplex to rebuild broken bonds in my client’s hair, restoring elasticity and the ability to retain moisture.

    Buildup can make your hair feel very smooth while it's hiding the fact that your hair is becoming very brittle underneath the goo.

    Proper cleansing, hydrating and styling is a must to get the most from your Mane!

    And of course, here, I used my i.m. [ curly ] products to finish her hair, along with a bit of gel to really set those curls!



    "Yoga Curls" is a term I coined years ago to describe my own hair (instead of the curse word I was using).

    We are on the straighter hair end of the Curl Spectrum.

    That’s why the traditional approaches to curly hair and products never work for us; they work against us every time! True straight hair is actually the minority..only about 30% of people have it!

    Yoga Curls mirror Yoga; relaxed, with no tension, very loose.

    When air dried with no products, we look straight-ish but with frizz. We can have anything from waves and in some cases, curls, with the right education and techniques. We’re actually the most versatile type of hair to work with because we are so nice.

    And now for the Magic Formula: 

    • Yoga Curl Education

    • a bit of work

    • stronger hold products

     In hairdresser OG terms, it's like a body perm.

     So if you have straight-ish, frizzy hair...guess what??

     Congratulations! You've got Yoga Curls!




    Why do I call them “goo-roos”?

    Because they never tell you about the buildup that makes your hair feel very smooth yet hiding the fact that your hair is becoming very brittle underneath “the goo.”

    That’s why I call them “goo-roos.” They’re too slick for me, and you.

    Build-up can be from :

    • waxes, oils, fillers, binders

    • the environment

    • pollution

    • shampoo

    • improper no lather cleanser use

    • 'co-washing'

    • conditioners, creams

    • piling on products/conditioners between cleansing

    • non-water soluble silicones

    • hard, too soft, well water!

    Before you start using any new product it's important to make sure you get all of the buildup out of your hair.

    Without doing this the new product will also build up as layers of goo have already formed on the hair and will grab anything put on it.

    Build up also

    • locks out moisture from the hair

    • causes severe dehydration

    • curls can be very weighed down / loss of curl    

    If you've used a Professional build-up remover or Professional high lather product once or twice you may think that particular product has really dried your hair out.

    Not so.

    It’s just removed the goo and shown you how dehydrated your hair really is!

    Pro products as recommended by a stylist who understand hair chemistry will never damage your hair like that after a couple of uses.

    Buildup from oils, waxes, butters, fillers etc., can make your hair feel silky soft on the outside because it fills in all of the rough areas in your cuticle while locking water out!

    Also....think about what all of that goo is doing to your scalp and hair follicles!