How to Style Your Curls at home for clients!



If you have curlier hair, it is basically the same, but you may want to use my i.m. [curly] Hydrating Creamy Styler instead of gel, and also may prefer to air dry, rather than use a blowdryer.


We start off in the salon so I can film while you hear Heather squishing the moisture into my hair!We are cleansing with my i.m. [curly] Low Lather Cleanser because I have Colour-Treated hair and it's very gentle for dry, colour-treated and frequent washers (like me)!


We're also using my i.m. [curly] Moisturizer to hydrate because a small amount of it really melts right into your hair and helps hold the moisture in for that incredible plump, shiny curl!


Thank you so much and I hope this helps everyone get to be their own Gorgeous self in an easy way!