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Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day (on your feet, hopefully you got some lunch in you today) and visiting our website. 

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Need help with client retention and retail ?

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My products are sold only through hair salons and here online.

No Big Box, Online Giants or 'Beauty Supply' Stores.

You and I are a Professional team working together to take our business back from little bald corporate men sitting behind desks. And those online stores that sell tons of 'professional' crap at huge markups, who don't know (non-pro staff 'trained' to give 'advice'), about the chemistry and biology it takes to properly diagnose client issues. 'Take this Quizz and Find Out What Type of Blah Blah Blah You Need'..omg. 

Just because you have teeth, doesn't make you a dentist, my Non-Pro Big Box Boys.

The difference is that we care about making a difference in our clients' lives and we have the knowledge and hands-on experience to do it!

The past couple of years has seen a downfall in companies selling curly products. Hairstylists and clients are scrambling for real products that really work. I've had mine in my salon for years now and my clients have been using them for years as well. 

It took two years for me to develop them and I did so because I hated everything on the market. I tried everything everywhere. Talk about throwing $$$ down the drain.

I was working 12 hour days on my feet and got fed up throwing my money away on products that weren't good enough for me or my clients.

The buildup, the BS, the toxic online pages that tried to dictate 'methods' and 'ingredients' to my clients without knowing anything about their lifestyle. Sending clients into confusion, searching all over the internet for 'answers' and again, being misdirected by outdated, non-scientific, cultish 'advice' that has resulted in disaster.

Every head of hair is different, and as Professionals, you and I know that.

There is no one 'right way' to approach hair, you and I know that.


I've been a Professional for 40 years and I have been listening to each and every client. I've seen the long term effects that products have on hair. In developing my line, I knew what we needed for long-term use on clients and set out to do it, little bald men be damned.

Check out our ingredients, by the way. I believe you'll be amazed at the performance and the fact that there is no chemical soup you and your clients are exposed to. We get enough of that during the day with performing chemical services. It's just one less thing to worry about as a Professional and addresses any ingredient concerns your clients may have.

So thank you, my Professional Friend, for visiting our site!

May your shoes be comfortable, your book be filled and you get time to take a quick slurp of your coffee :) ( and as we know, lunch is never a 'given' :) )


Mary MacDonald,

President of sore feet and back issues, 

Natural Texture and Colour Correction Specialist

Gossips Hairstylists Inc.