Consumer education What the Heck are Yoga Curls ?????


What the HECK are Yoga Curls ??

This is a term I coined years ago to describe my own hair ( instead of the curse word I was using ).

We are on the straighter hair end of the Curl Spectrum. That’s why the traditional approaches to curly hair and products never work for us; they work against us every time! True straight hair is actually the minority..only about 30% of people have it !

Yoga Curls mirror Yoga; relaxed, with no tension, very loose.

When air dried with no products, we look straight-ish but with frizz. We can have anything from waves and in some cases, curls, with the right education and techniques. We’re actually the most versatile type of hair to work with because we are so nice.

And now for the Magic Formula: 

  • Yoga Curl Education
  • a bit of work
  • stronger hold products


 In hairdresser OG terms, it's like a body perm.

So if you have straight-ish, frizzy hair...guess what ??


Congratulations ! You've got Yoga Curls!