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Yes, I have ADHD and was concentrating very hard in the beginning and end to keep focused and on track...that's why I look stern..Lol !
Everything you need to know about setting and styling your curly hair from start to finish. Tips on how to properly hydrate, apply your products with confidence, dry without the dreaded frizz halo, and unscrunch your curl cast to perfection!
I hope this helps everyone in getting more out of their own and their clients’ hair, for more tips check out our V.I.P Curly Guide tab!
💜💜💜 Good Luck and Have Fun! 



And here is our Complete Video on How to Style Your Curls at home for clients!

If you have curlier hair, it is basically the same, but you may want to use my i.m. [curly] Hydrating Creamy Styler instead of gel, and also may prefer to air dry, rather than use a blowdryer.
We start off in the salon so I can film while you hear Heather squishing the moisture into my hair!
We are cleansing with my i.m. [ curly] Low Lather Cleanser because I have Colour-Treated hair and it's very gentle for dry, colour-treated and frequent washers (like me)!
We're also using my i.m. [curly] Moisturizer to hydrate because a small amount of it really melts right into your hair and helps hold the moisture in for that incredible plump, shiny curl!
Thank you so much and I hope this helps everyone get to be their own Gorgeous self in an easy way!



Pro Curl Finishing Tips

Tip and tricks for how to dry your curls without the frizz! You don't need a diffuser to get smooth frizz-free curls, just patience and knowledge. Here's a quick video on the easiest way to dry curly hair to perfection 😘



One techniques we use to finish and keep slightly elongated curls on smaller curls

Mary MacDonald shares one of her techniques she uses to finish and keep slightly elongated curls on smaller sized naturally curly long hair.