Consumer Education ! Protein and Moisture!

Did you know there is no such thing as 'Over Protenization' ?

Hair is made up of mostly protein. 

When the outside of the hair ( cuticle ) has damage, it has potholes in the cuticle or in bad cases, some or all of the cuticle is missing. Protein in hair products sit on the outside of hair, filling in the potholes and the excess washes away.

How did this theory come to be ?

In the old days, proteins were made from animal sources and you could get specific treatments at the salon that we could customize, mixing with moisture for very damaged hair. If you were using quite a bit of protein and less moisture, the hair could feel crunchy. However, because protein washes off, this is not a permanent state. 

For many years now, the protein in our products are plant-based, and the excess washes off your hair.

Every time you damage your hair, you lose protein, and with this loss of protection to the inside of the hair, you also lose moisture and over the long run, pigment, or colour. That's why you can have very light ends even if you never go in the sun ot colour your hair. That is damage signifying a loss of protein and moisture.

This is why my products do contain a balance amount of protein and moisture for your long-term haircare !

If you are having problems with your curls, you may have a number of things affecting them such as damage ( see chart on my website here for types of damage ) your water quality, buildup from oils, waxes, using homemade hair concoctions, pollution, hair can be too long or too short to maximize your type of curl, dehydration and many other factors. 

Everything you do over the long term to you hair affects the hydration, elasticity and protein in your hair.