The HUGE Difference Between a Moisturizer and a Conditioner !

The HUGE difference between a moisturizer and a conditioner!

The job of a regular conditioner is to help attract moisture and coat the hair making it feel smoother.

Butters, oils, non-water-soluble silicone, waxes and fillers all repel water. With most of these types of ‘conditioners’, you can feel the finished product goo on your fingers even before you apply it to your hair and scalp !

I've targeted the main problem of Curly Hair which is a lack of hydration (water).

My moisturizer is targeted to attract and help hold the water in the hair and weightlessly melts right in without that heavy, goopy feeling that you know is going to lead to build up.

It’s so weightless, I even have lots of my clients with fine straight hair using it!

When you use my moisturizer on wet hair, you squish the water in using as little Moisturizer as possible to retain the maximum amount of water in your hair!’s all about the WATER and NOT a gooey coating.

Happy Squishing !