Consumer Three Ways to Get Your Curls BACK !

Three Ways to Get Your Curls BACK !

On some of us, length ( which is weight ) can actually pull the curls way down, as well as build-up ( more weight ) from waxes, oils, fillers, binders, the environment, pollution, shampoo, improper no lather cleanser use,  conditioners, creams and hard water !

When your hair has been long over an extended period of time, the curls get weighed down, pulled out and have a lot less elasticity especially if you have been wearing your hair up in ponytails or pulling it back on a regular basis; even wearing it up at night to keep from eating it while you sleep .

Some of my clients think they've lost their curls but..Nope !

How ?  

  • cutting my client’s length off that’s dragging her curls down and leaving the layers on top a bit longer kickstarts her Makeover !
  • removing all build-up from the hair, including what’s in our water.
  • using Olaplex to rebuild broken bonds in my client’s hair, restoring elasticity and the ability to retain moisture.

Buildup can make your hair feel very smooth while it's hiding the fact that your hair is becoming very brittle underneath the goo.

Proper cleansing, hydrating and styling is a must to get the most from your Mane !

And of course, here, I used my i.m. [ curly ] products to finish her hair, along with a bit of gel to really set those curls !