Who We Are !

Smarter, Gorgeous Curls are no longer a guessing game of hit or myth !
Don't let my curly hair fool you.

Underneath these luscious curls of mine is a mind so jam-packed with years of Color Technician brilliance and Yoga Curl insight that all the “curly hair gurus” will cringe like the Wicked Witch of the West did in the Land of Oz.

Armed with that knowledge, you will finally be free from the prison of product promises and letdowns, and liberate your hair due to one key ingredient that everyone managed to overlook:

Actual, proven and honest knowledge of what your hair needs and more importantly what it doesn’t.

Like you, I was spoon-fed the same crap you were:

All natural blah-blah, free from various toxic ingredients, and filled with the rarest and most pure ingredients that are cruelty-free, planet-friendly, vegan, grass-fed, sun-ripened, developed by a chemist, born out of grandma’s home-made brew down on the old farmstead…

What a crock.

Add to this these resumes that would make the brightest scientists at NASA envious, along with a host of online quizzes so that every one of us curly-headed customers can decipher which of the vast array of products she needs to buy.

The problem is that this approach doesn’t yield consistent, predictable or even safe results.

How do I know?

I told you I wasn’t just a great head of curls. There’s 40 years of hard-earned professional knowledge underneath those curly locks. That’s right, count ’em: 40.

Plus the experience of a Master Stylist who has clients swear by her ability to make their curls unbelievably stunning.

No longer will you have to cross your fingers praying to the “curly hair gods” for divine intervention.

Some Truth For a Change

Every head of hair is different. Believe me, I know.

Armed with the right tools, everyone can be beautiful. But the tools I am talking about aren’t the physical tools or products with oil from the mane of grass-fed Unicorns.

Nope.  That’s secondary when it comes to tools.

I am talking about the knowledge of what to do and what to avoid.

Without this insight, you’re stuck buying some company’s promise of this or that.

We need a full understanding of our hair.

What type of hair, for a start?

What about the environment we spend time in? Yes.

Or other factors that impact how our hair responds, feels, and looks; chemical process, length, frequency of trims ??  Absolutely !

As I said, each head of hair is different.

So only if you understand your hair, know what you want it to look like, how to achieve that look & feel, and have the right products and approach to caring for it, can you have the hair you want.

Let’s Get Simple, Shall We?

First comes understanding, based not on some theory, but on practical, on-the-ground knowledge.

Then comes the application of the right products in the right way and in the right amounts (more is not better) to achieve the result.

You have two choices:

1. You can either find a professional master stylist with a long track record of proven results to take care of your hair, or

2. You can learn what that professional would do and use, and then apply that knowledge yourself.

The Missing Link: Where To Learn This Stuff

Not only is there a lack of available knowledge and information on how to honestly care for curly (as well as straight) hair, there is also a ton of misinformation out there which further confuses the issue.

This is why I created the Smart Hair Society for those of us sick and tired of the hair “gooroos” selling their brand of products to hopeful (though ill-informed) people who have been fed myth after myth.

From Crappy to Happy !

Besides being a Professional Master Stylist for 40 years working on thousands of heads of hair I am also a Color Correction Technician, which gives me a unique perspective of hair chemistry, texture, color, & lasting results, and also insight into the short-term, harmful solutions.

What I’ve learned is this: curly hair isn’t the enemy. Purveyors of false information and handfuls of products are the enemy. Like you, I tried a truckload of products, naïvely believing all the spin thrown at me.

After many frustrating years and literally thousands of dollars thrown down the drain, I discovered to my dismay there was a lack of true information and products built on those simple truths.

That’s when I decided to codify what truly worked, make that knowledge known, and create my own line – products which would enable me to take each head of hair that came my way and bring out the natural beauty hibernating on my clients’ heads, one for one, every time.

The result?

The perfect cleanser.

The perfect moisturizer.

The perfect styling cream.

Each based on proven, real knowledge resulting in simple, pure, genuine products that really do work.

But I knew that it was not just a matter of handing someone some great hair products.

With those products must come the knowledge of hair care acquired over all those years. 

The Owner’s Manual for Curly Hair

So I created the “Owner’s Manual” with every vital point that must be understood if you want to achieve really healthy hair and fabulous curls.

Understanding the what, why and how of hair care for perfect curls, along with the right products to achieve them, enabled my clients to simplify their routine for creating and maintaining that perfect head of hair.

And learning to use less product (those saying “use more” have an agenda, and that agenda may be good for their bank balance, but not for your head of curls).

And here’s some great news: while I focus on curly hair, the information I codified coupled with the products I developed, produce remarkable results for all types of hair.

The End of Compromise

It’s time to stop the madness, the dryness, the flatness, and the silliness.

So, armed with the knowledge and experience plus the right products, I decided to found The Smart Hair Society, for smart women and men everywhere who are tired of the confusing babble of misinformation and the endless catalogues of products, and who just want gorgeous hair without all the hassle and BS.


Smarter, Gorgeous curls are no longer

a guessing game of hit or myth !