Why Curl 'Typing' Doesn't Work for Product Purchases

Here's why Curl 'Typing' has failed you and your product purchases

It doesn't take into account:

  • ALL of us have varying sizes of curl throughout
  • Lifestyle; such as swimming in chlorine, living in a dry/humid climate, ponytails, bike helmets, going in the sun, rigorous physical activity that produces sweat (salt, oil, sebum) on scalp
  • existing conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, allergies, sensitivities, chemotherapy, medications, illness, rosacea
  • texture of hair-; fine, medium, coarse
  • length of hair
  • elasticity of hair
  • final look desired; high definition, soft definition
  • chemical processes on your hair; highlights, colour, bleach, perm
  • the type of water you  have; hard water, water softener, well water, lake water
  • frequency of professional cuts/trims

These are a few of the things that make your Mane totally Unique.

The problem is that when you purchase a product based solely on your 'Type', the chances are very high that it will be the wrong one, leading to bad results and you blame your hair.

It's not you, it's bad information that you've been given and that's easy to fix !

You are much MORE than a Curl 'Type'!