How to Grow and NO Big Chop !

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How to Grow and NO Big Chop !

Yes you can !

Growing your Mane just takes patience, Mane-tenance and great products

! My new client did not have a bad haircut to start; she had been wearing her hair straight and it was cut for the uniformity of that  straight texture.

However, most of us have quite a bit of variation in our hair when worn Natural. My gorgeous client was curlier ➿ where the hair appears shorter, and less curly 〰️ where it appears longer.

And now to the Secret of Growing her hair out Long !

Frequent trims to have her grow-out shaped while her teenier curls descended, lots of Hydration and Olaplex to keep her Mane strong. 

Voila !  She got to her Beautiful Long Hair Goal ! 

Pampering every step of the way will have you looking great all the time, no fried hair and No Big Chops !

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