Don't Fall for 'Frizz' Shaming-Based Product Pitches!

Posted by Mary MacDonald on

 After our haircut, my client was shaking her head vigorously so I could do a slo mo video and I thought her natural soft look was Awesome !

I used my IM Curly Creamy Hydrating Styler that has a light crispy crunchies today !

And it got me thinking about 'Frizz Shaming' and malicious product sales.

'Frizz' is nothing to be ashamed about but the word itself is just a shaming tool to sell you products.

'Is your hair dry and FRIZZY?'   (Probably THE most used phrase ever..)

These are two separate things.

  • Dry hair has a milky appearance, almost like the hair has been coated and dried with 1% milk on it and is remedied by squishing in WATER, not tons of creams and leave-ins!
Curls don't have to look so 'set'.
  • Frizz is just curl that has separated and has nothing to do with being dry.
Separated curls look so touchable and soft.

Armed with this savvy knowledge, you can go forth and

Be Fluffy, You Smart Rebels !

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