Why Hairstylist-Made Products Are Better ! ( Not Sales BS )

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Here's Why Hairstylist-Made Products are Better !

Do you really want some fat, old bald guy sitting in an office, looking at the bottom line ( his bonus ) to determine what's in your products and building up on your hair and scalp ? EEeeeech....

You better believe the bottle will be loaded with cheap fillers to bulk out the weight and size of the bottle, making it look like you're getting much more for your hard-earned dollar.

This is what builds up on your hair.

Just because it says ' silicone free' doesn't mean it will not have other junk in it that builds up on your hair. And that goes for stuff sold in health food stores. Those products can have lots of build-up as well.

Sales are driven by tons of Beautiful Marketing !

This is a huge chunk of what you pay for

-a good Story behind the product

-prestige, image, 'health'

-research into what the Consumer would like as ingredients in order to get them to make a purchase

-Slogans such as  'It contains Iridium, a new Breakthrough',  'We're committed to whatever it is you want to hear', 'Made by Unicorns!'

-Instagram snapshots of the person and lifestyle you'll get after purchasing and so on.

And don't forget the promise of a big whack of Bonus Checks ( for the bald guy and his pals ). 

What's that got to do with Hair ??? Nothing.

Or non-professionals who are ingredient-driven, which is a nice thought, great intentions, great photos, marketing, great ideas behind the product.

However, they don't have their hands in hair all day long, don't know anything about hair such as the following:

-how hair should feel

-don't know the Chemistry behind hair

-don't know the difference between hard water build-up, true damage and/or broken cuticle

-loss of elasticity causes

-two layers of hair vs three layers of hair

-don't know how their product affects colour services

-don't know if the ingredients cause build-up over time and repels moisture from the hair nor how to spot it

-don't know that 'soft, silky hair'  can be a sign of build-up that's severely dehydrating the hair because it's blocking moisture out

I could go on for years about what these nice people don't know and how it can really harm your Mane !

What about how the product works in the long run ??? Does a lack of knowledge make up for that ?? Nope. 

It's kind of like a person giving sage dental advice just because they have teeth. Same with curly hair products. Just because you have curls doesn't mean you understand everything behind them. Just sayin'.  

Some of us have had our hands in over 65,000 heads of hair and that's hardcore OG experience that you can't get by reading.

Smart hairstylists are performance-driven with all of the products we use. We need 'Liquid Tools' ( as they are called in the Biz ) that work the very best on our clients.

After all, we've spent thousands of dollars getting our licenses, thousands of hours getting our licenses, thousands of dollars and hours keeping updated every minute of they day.

Ours is a 24-7 job.

So why would we wreck our hard-earned reputation, highlights, perms, balayages, colours, vivids, great hydrated looks, styles, hours of work and pride in our workmanship with under-performing products ???

We wouldn't !

So why are there so many professional products and every salon uses different ones and claims theirs are 'The Best ' ??

Every salon has different clients with

-different hair

-different needs

-different water quality ( what's in your water makes a huge difference for your hair ! ) 

-chemical processes your hair may be getting at the salon ( colour, highlights, perm )

-the salon's budget and target market 

-how big or small the salon is ( some companies cater to the 'A' salons only, little guys are not able to carry these products)

-how invested they are in home haircare for clients

-accessibility of products ( not all products are available everywhere )

-if the salon is a 'Branded' salon, in which the product Brand actually dictates to the salon that they may not carry other brands ( sometimes they have to even be 'trained' in the product's way of cutting..lol ) 

-the actually cost of the product to the salon ( we all have budgets and if the cost is too dear, we can't sell it )

It can be so complicated at times !

But the one thing stylists have in common and are always talking about on our Social Media Pro Groups is ....Products ! We ALL want to use the Best !

I developed my products because I tried everything out there for curly and non-curly hair and didn't did love anything for long term use. Short term was ok but long term...meh.  A couple of them were close, but like a husband, I wanted the whole package !

Anyhoo, with my trusted chemist, I designed my products specifically for my curly clients, touching, feeling, seeing, listening and thinking about their hair and needs. Could we do better ?

I think we did !

I've sold my products in my salon since 2018 and because of the overwhelming response, we've decided to go online and sell to salons and the public.

Thank you to each and every client whose hair I've done, let me take our 'Before' and 'After' photos, modeled for me and helped me continue to create for everyone !  With lots of love, Your Hairstylist Mary !



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