Why Did I Wet-Cut and How ??

Posted by Mary MacDonald on

Colour by Heather; Cut by Mary !
How the heck do you cut this on curly hair ? Wet or dry ??
two main points;
  • Some things you can see better wet, some dry.
  • Some treatments affect the curl and it's better to do it After.
Here, it was best to cut starting wet, after the colour, as Heather also did Olaplex which strengthens bonds and increases elasticity, so the landscape of her curls totally changed into much more spring, and much more shrinkage !
Also Heather gently cleansed and Massively hydrated with my IM Curly 100% Professional, all-Natural vegan, biodegradable products, made right here in Canada !
How in 4 steps 🙂
  • wet-scrunched her curls into place and had a good look
  • elongated a few curls to compare approx. how much shrinkage we'd get and added a bit more shrinkage because that's what happens when you dry; it's almost a mathematical calculation
  • did most of the cut wet but kept the front area overly long as I wanted to see the shrinkage dry and finish it dry
  • dried her hair as she wears it (forward) and finished trimming bangs and face-shaping dry
And Voila!
A face-framing, Shagadelic way to start the year !

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